Shelf Styling

My favorite part of decorating a room is the finishing touches. I love collecting fun decorative items that add character and a polished look to a project. I’m currently helping a local mom with some shelf styling in her home and it inspired this week’s blog post.

Staring up at a wall full of empty bookshelves may seem overwhelming, but you can make it easy and fun. Easy because chances are you already own many of the elements to include and fun because this is your opportunity in decorating to really incorporate your sense of family and style. Using chic picture frames is an excellent way to add style to a shelf while making it more personal. Chances are you have a lot of material passed down from parents and relatives and this is also a good opportunity for all those unused wedding gift items to come into play (vases, plates, trays, etc).

I love a good mix of old and new pieces. There are a few fabulous local home decor shops like Kirby and Co. in Darien, CT and Found in New Canaan, CT where you can find unique vintage pieces to spice up the shelf. Another great resource for vintage items is Etsy. It’s my go to for one of a kind decorative items.
With shelves it’s always a good idea to add layers and different heights. You can bring in art and prints that speak to your style to add to the back drop and layered books for height. I like to incorporate a bit of greenery as well (real or fake - whatever your prefer) to bring some additional color to shelves.

For the more main stream items I like to shop at a places like Home Goods, Target, etc. I’ve listed a few Target finds below that will bring some style to any space.

You certainly don’t have to break the bank with shelf styling. Use what you’ve got and fill in the blanks with goodies from some big brand stores like Target, Home Goods, etc. And it’s nice to include those rare vintage pieces for extra touch and a conversation piece, happy styling!

Diana Spier