At home with Sasha Berlin design

Changing it up this week on the blog! In the past, I’ve featured projects that I have worked on in my home and for friends, but this time I’m sharing fellow New Canaan resident, designer, and friend- Sasha Berlin.

Sasha and I met through our children’s preschool about a year ago and at her son’s birthday party last spring I had the opportunity to see her stunning home and knew you all would love to see a peak as well! Every detail in her home from her impeccably remodeled kitchen to her beautifully styled blue and white mantel is so well executed. Sasha is not afraid of being bold and using colors and patterns, which obviously I’m a big fan of. She’s also confident in showcasing a variety of styles making sure to stay in tune with her clients environment and surroundings. Many of her New York City projects have been modern, while her CT home has a very family-friendly traditional feel.

Sit back, relax, and a enjoy a walk though of her gorgeous CT home! And make sure to not miss our Q & As at the end to learn more about Sasha and her style!


1) Intro- tell us a little about youself!

I’m married (10 years next May!) with two boys, ages 3.5 and 5.We’ve lived in New Canaan for 1.5 years now, having moved from Brooklyn. I launched my business in 2010 after working for many years for a well-known interior designer in the city and studied interior design at Parsons.

2) Favorite part of interior design? Do you have a go-to style? A trademark in each project?

My favorite part of interior design is that every job is different and everyday is different. While I adapt to the needs of every project, I do always like to incorporate a lively wallpaper or print in each and every room. I feel like even in a neutral room, prints are essential to giving a room character and making it look professionally designed and unique.

3) Describe your style in three words

Sophisticated, Bold, Family-friendly

4) How is your style reflected in your home and how does it differs from previous homes?

I feel strongly that an interior should be reflective of the architecture and environment. For this reason most of my work from when I lived in the city in more modern. But now having moved to a traditional home in Ct I’m enjoying embracing traditional shapes and styles paired with contemporary fabrics, art, and accessories.

5) What inspires you? Where do you pull your interior inspiration from? Any favorite designers you admire?

I really love the work of David Hicks and love to use his prints in my own rooms whenever I can.

6) A must-have staple that everyone should have in their home? 

I think lighting is underutilized in most homes. A lot of people rely solely on recessed overhead lighting that is unflattering and too bright. I really look at lighting like jewelry. Adding a dramatic chandelier or wall sconces can transform the look of a room and also makes everyone in the room look better as well.

Diana Spier